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Dating Your Best Friend Sister

Maybe that is why we end up being insensitive parents to our adult daughters. You know how it is, fathers always hang a purity label on their daughters and God help the love-struck guy who dares challenge that notion. I come from a generation where we can say all sorts of things about girls. Every girl is fair game except dating your best friend sister sisters.

The unwritten rule is never to say anything disparaging about them. Seriously, I never entertained the thought of my friends dating any of my sisters. The idea is so way out of my comfort zone. I am sure my guys sneak admiring glances at my sisters. I do it too. Does Tom know about it? Meaning Tom knew and was okay with it. I never looked at Tom the same way ever since. He must be a special breed of guy. I know his sister very well. But I obeyed the rules and never let on to Tom dating my ex girlfriends mom these thoughts.

But like they say, different strokes for different dating your best friend sister. But I felt cheated though. If only I knew Tom was that sort, it would have being a race to the finish line between Skip and I. See why I told you we are hypocrites. Sure we rage about politicians. Wicked and irresponsible parents. Yes that is where the gist becomes colorful. Be on your best behavior with this lady. Watch what you say: This can be applied in several ways.

Anything you say about your friend, may be dating your best friend sister back to him via his sister. Anything you say about her, could be carried back to dating over 40 in los angeles through her new dating red flags. Do not discuss your relationship with one, with the other. This fits along with the previous tip. Be careful about what you say about the sibling in front of your friend or your girl.

This is one of the biggest dangers that you risk in dating the sister of one of your friends. What will happen when you break up? If she feels wounded or betrayed, her tears are not likely to go over to well with her brother. Ending your relationship with her could potentially end your relationship with your friend.

Weigh out the complications before deciding to enter into one of these sibling relationships.

3 Important Reasons Not To Date Your Best Friend’s Sister

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